Zona Verde Case Study

Zona Verde Case Study

ZONA VERDE was established in 1996 with the aim of operating in the areas of Training and Consulting.
It is accredited since 1998 as a training entity, being a qualified company to develop the whole process that goes from the study and diagnosis of training needs, through planning and setting goals, preparation and development of program content, selection of students, selection trainers, to the timing of actions, development and technical and pedagogical and financial management of the same.

Challenges facing PONTUAL
• Modernize and integrate all CRM component around the company’s activity, promoting increased efficiency and secure access to information for its employees;
• standardize the use of information and the integration from satellite applications, geared to the areas of Education and Finance;
• Reduce complexity in the handling of information, keeping the same segmentation based on access levels and privileges;
• Maintain your entire library of internal rules and procedures in the context of internal quality management.

PONTUAL solution 
The solution passed through the acquisition of ToBeFlow solution, a key-in-hand solution that allowed ZONA VERDE of using a secure, scalable and high performance, which is a solid foundation to expand its service offering and improve internal access to information.

This choice allowed the creation of standard models of organization and management that support all business processes.

The internal organization of all documentation and a review of the rules and regulations governing the same, it was possible thanks to the possibility of file classification and segmentation of documents.

ZONA VERDE has chosen to host this solution within-doors, in own servers, thus passing to manage the entire infrastructure and security.

Products and Services
• Platform ToBeFlow;
• Data Integration Modules: APIFLOW and CONNECTFLOW.

Process Implementation
The implementation process was composed of the following phases:

Functional analysis
At this stage and together with the customer, we identified all requirements that allow a platform for parameter setting, the customer’s needs.
In this process, the involvement of customer teams was vital to the success of this project.

The requirements that directly referred the customization and configuration works were identified.
• Design | Development | Parameterization

Based on the survey of previous requirements, it was prepared a functional scale model where the customer can check the parameterization made and compare them with the requirements listed above.

This process has a functional validation and referred us to configuration settings.
• ConnectFlow protocols and specific requests

Based on data integration needs identified from other systems, especially in the areas of training and financial, they were created specific integration protocols based on Excel files.

These protocols allow to provide the independence necessary for customer information management among their various systems.
• awareness, training and start-up

From the platform of functional validation was established a specific training program, taking into account the areas and functions of each employee.

This training was initially directed to key users that in a second phase, will pass on to other co-workers.
• Monitoring and Evaluation

After the kick-off of the solution, our monitoring allows to evaluate the degree of satisfaction of users as well as to what extent the initial objectives were fully achieved.

“The ToBeFlow has reduced the number of platforms we worked, we stopped to use CRM in the commercial and marketing activity and software for document management in the area of quality by simplifying internal processes. It also allowed eliminate redundancy and repetition in the release of the bodies including that relating to clients or potential clients, allowing them to be loaded only in ToBeFlow (which connects directly to PRIMAVERA), previously loaded into the CRM and in the PRIMAVERA. Decreased, so the errors and it became possible to the real-time access to data entities. The fact that the ToBeflow allow associate tasks, activities, projects, schedules, etc. entities is an asset in monitoring and close monitoring of customers and the work of the teams. ”
Jorge Pereira, CEO of ZONA VERDE.